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Theo Clinkard Dance Company

Theo launched his project based dance company in 2012 and has steadily built an international reputation for creating affecting and visually arresting contemporary work for small, middle and large-scale theatres as well as non-theatre settings.


Past company productions include Ordinary Courage (2012), Chalk (2014), Of Land & Tongue’(2014), This Bright Field (2017) and The Elsewhen Series (2019) a co-creation with Leah Marojević.

The aim of Theo Clinkard Dance is to provide public benefit by creating opportunities for memorable connections between audiences, participants and a diverse group of dancers. They seek to explore the communicative and empathetic potential of dance in performance and participatory contexts by crafting exceptional experiences that bring people of all kinds together.

Theo Clinkard Dance was initially founded in 2014 as an unincorporated organisation before Theo Clinkard Dance Ltd was founded in 2023, establishing the organisation as a not for profit company. 


Theo Clinkard Dance Ltd has three directors; Theo Clinkard, Rosalind Conlon and Chris Fogg. The directors have a wealth of experience in the performing arts industry working on large scale artistic, strategic and community focussed projects for local, national and international organisations.

Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Dancers: Stephanie McMann, Folu Odimayo, Connor Scott, Leah Marojevic and Temitope Ajose

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