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Costume Design

Manchester International Festival The Faggots and their Friends between Revolutions

La Scala Opera, Milan (associate designer) Peter Grimes 

Scottish Opera (associate designer) La Boheme

Malmö Opera Parserliv

Untitled Projects / Stewart Laing The Salon Project 

Cryptic Orlando & Confined Human Condition

Russell Barr Sisters, such devoted sisters

Adrian Howells An Audience with Adrienne & 14 stations of Adrian Howells

Bette Bourne Parade! Protest! Perform!

Lena Shattenberg The Many Piece

Malmo Opera / Skanes Dansteater The Feeling of Going, To See the World While the Light Lasts  

Ben Wright/ BGroup: About Around, The Lessening of Difference, Passing strange and wonderful, thought latching onto thought and pulling, This Moment is your Life, A short lived alteration of an existing situation

Skanes Dansteater Between Silence and Stillness, Small Acts                                                                               

Laila Diallo Between the shingle and the dune, The Wayside, At any moment something else, Hold Everything Dear

Charles Linehan A Quarter Plus Green                             

Sydney Dance Company The Land of Yes and the Land of No                 

PROBE May                                             

Verve Shuffle                                               

New Art Club This is Now                                   

Scottish Dance Theatre Pavlova’s Dogs                     

Bonachela Dance Company Ahotsak              

Frauke Requhart Mena                            

Arthur Pita Boom she she boom 

Tanja Liedtke Une Reverie Romantique

Fin Walker / Ricochet Dance Man and Woman          

Dog Kennel Hill A cross and then across               

Matthias Sperling Duet                              

Robert Clark Badlands                                      

Robert Clark The Happiness Project

Simon Ellis and Colin Poole Because we care           

Tom Jackson-Greaves Vanity Fowl 

Photo: Roswitha Chesher

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