Dancer: Flo Schlessmann Photo: Gregory Batardon


The Feels


For Ballet Junior de Genève


Design and Direction Theo Clinkard

Realisation and performance The Dancers

Costume Marion Schmid

Lighting Arnaud Viala


'Bauer' from Berghain 03, Pt.11 - EP by Edit-Select & Len Faki (2009)

'Freedom from want and Fear' by Johann Johannsson (2012)

'Heptapod B' from Arrival by Johann Johannsson

'Masks' from New Faces  by Nature Soul Cybertronic







mid process interview...


"How to make visible the interior landscape of sensation, feeling, expression, without getting into acting or mime. I’m taking an outside in and inside out approach, meaning that sometimes I’m trying to locate the person inside of the pre designed danced action, other times, I task the dancers to find a memory, lived experience or sensation that crafts the choreography and brings out an expressive quality in them as performers. When does movement bring something to mind and when does the mind move the self? What is becoming apparent, is that each dancer can access the transparent quality I am searching for, using a different process.

I’m interested to deal with this quality but not dictate a particular emotional response in the audience, since I personally dislike feeling manipulated when I witness dance. Instead, I hope to leave room for interpretation and each audience members history and associations as they watch. The body can be so expressively articulate but when we attempt specific meaning it can become very simplistic, so I am hoping to celebrate and present all the complexity that I know to be true of my own interior spectrum of ‘felt space’, which is often intangible, beyond language and rarely static."