Hot Mess


For Candoco Dance Company

Hot Mess is an unpredictable and anarchic performance set to a pounding, eclectic score by the award-winning Joe Newman of Alt-J.


Led by Theo’s exploration of ‘consciously unknowing’ as a vital creative source, Candoco’s phenomenal dancers fearlessly embrace spontaneity and uncertainty as they navigate an environment that is constantly in flux.


Drawing upon a manifesto (see below) art installation meets dance piece in this explosive new work by the company that continues to expand perceptions of what dance can be.

Hot Mess. a Manifesto



the stable

the fixed

the polished

the repeatable

the product

the heroic

the known

the formal

the ordered

the absolute

the resilient

the known



the unformed

the unknown

the potential

the collaborative

the unplanned

the process

the unexpected

the failure

the queer

the precarious

the disobedient

the messy


Concept, direction & stage design: Theo Clinkard

Realisation & performance: The dancers

Artistic collaboration: Leah Marojević

Composer: Joe Newman

Lighting design: Jackie Shemesh

Costume & sculpture design: Rike Zöllner

Music production: Adam Connor + Charlie Andrew

Costume assistant: Nina Genre

Stephen Wright