choreographer / designer          Theo Clinkard              

composer / musician                 James Keane        

lighting design                          Guy Hoare      

performers                                Theo Clinkard + James  Keane

costumes                                   Old Town Clothing




“Clinkard tells us that the chalk cliffs are made up of the compacted skeletons of marine creatures, dead for millennia. He dances this compaction: twisting, looping and gyrating. His bones and his arching spine sing of their destiny; one day they too will be ground to chalk.” The Observer ****



Clinkard uses the iconic chalk cliffs of his hometown as a point of departure in this stark and poetic duet which he performs with composer James Keane.

Through the simplest of means, this work playfully encourages us to reconsider our own physical make up and awaken our capacity to recognise the seemingly ‘other’ within ourselves. The two men carefully transform both objects and their own bodies to the evoke the matter of chalk whilst addressing the socio-geographic associations many have with the cliffs in question.


Chalk was the duet work that formed part of the double bill, which Clinkard's seven-strong company premiered in June 2014. Conceived for unconventional and atmospheric spaces, set to live music by James Keane and presented twice nightly to an intimate audience of just 60, this evening of work promises a rare and breathtaking experience; from nuanced performances that capitalise on the intimacy of the setting, to visceral physicality that rips across the floor at the audiences feet.


The double bill was co-commissioned by The Tanja Liedtke Foundation and Pavilion Dance South West and was created in spring 2014 through residencies at Lucy Guerin Inc (Melbourne), Critical Path (Sydney), Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts (Sweden), Shawbrook (Ireland), Greenwich Dance, Dance East, Swindon Dance, Plymouth Dance and The Point.

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